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Franklin Square
Location 6th & Race Streets
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Coordinates 39°57′17″N 75°08′58″W / 39.95465°N 75.14953°W / 39.95465; -75.14953Coordinates: 39°57′17″N 75°08′58″W / 39.95465°N 75.14953°W / 39.95465; -75.14953
Owned by Delaware River Port Authority
Platforms 2 inter-connecting side platforms
Tracks 2
Opened June 7, 1936
Closed September 9, 1979
(4th time, low ridership)
Preceding station   PATCO   Following station
PATCO Speedline
toward Lindenwold

Franklin Square is an unused PATCO Speedline station located at Franklin Square in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.

The station first opened on June 7, 1936, along with 8th Street in Philadelphia and City Hall and Broadway in Camden, New Jersey, as part of Philadelphia Rapid Transit's Bridge Line service.[1] The station was open for several intervals, each time eventually being closed for low ridership. Most recently, the station was refurbished and reopened as a PATCO station in 1976, coinciding with the United States Bicentennial celebration. The station remained open until 1979, when it was closed again due to low ridership. Approximate years of operation were 1936–1939, 1943–1946, 1952–1953, and 1976–1979, with sources varying on the details.[2][3][4][5][6][7]

All PATCO trains pass through Franklin Square upon crossing the Benjamin Franklin Bridge and entering Philadelphia. The platform and walkway are visible when looking out of the left side of the train. From the surface, entrances are visible, but sealed by concrete.

Station layout[edit]

G - Street Level
M - Mezzanine
Platform level
Westbound PATCO does not stop here (8th & Market)
Side platform, not in service
Side platform, not in service
Eastbound PATCO does not stop here (City Hall)

Possible reopening[edit]

In 2009, the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA, parent agency of PATCO) announced that it was commissioning a design plan for renovating, modernizing and reopening the station.[8] As a result of ongoing capital projects scheduled to continue through 2016, PATCO stated in 2014: "We do not presently have the capacity or capital resources to evaluate the feasibility of reopening the Franklin Square Station."[9] As of March 2015, DRPA estimated that reopening the station would cost more than $18 million, and that it would serve about 1,300 daily passengers, nearly all of whom now use the 8th Street station.[10]

New service[edit]

As part of several transportation options aimed at the Philadelphia/South Jersey area, in 2005 PATCO was considering a new tram/trolley service to begin at the Franklin Square Station and continue to Spring Garden Street and Pier 70 along Columbus Boulevard, that could be extended to the redeveloping Navy Yard area and new stadium complexes in South Philadelphia. This service would cost an estimated $700 million ($157.6 million per mile), offering service every 5 minutes at peak times and every 12 minutes off-peak. Under this proposal, the service could be operated by PATCO, with free transfers between the Speedline and the streetcar/trolley at a reopened Franklin Square Station.[11][12][13]

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