Frans Pietersz de Grebber

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Schutterij, Haarlem, 1619

Frans Pietersz de Grebber (1573 – c. 1649) was a Dutch Golden Age painter.

Life and career[edit]

Blazoen of Trou Moet Blycken painted from a design by Goltzius

De Grebber was born and died in Haarlem. According to van Mander he was a good painter of landscapes and portraits, who designed tapestries and had been a pupil of Jacob Savery.[1] According to Houbraken he had two children who were notable painters; Pieter de Grebber, who outshone his father, and Maria de Grebber, who was good with buildings and perspective.[2]

According to the RKD he became a member of the Haarlem Guild of St. Luke around 1600 and remained an important citizen in Haarlem until his death.[3] Besides his children, he taught the painters Vincent Casteleyn, Peter Lely, Judith Leyster, and Pieter Saenredam.[3]

According to the archives of the Haarlem chamber of rhetoric called Trouw moet Blycken, he painted their best blazon from a design by Goltzius.[4]


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