Frans van Mieris the Younger

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Frans van Mieris (II) (Jacob Houbraken)

Frans van Mieris, the younger (24 November 1689 – 22 October 1763) was a Dutch painter.

He was born in Leiden, the son of Willem van Mieris, and also followed the traditions of his grandfather, Frans's studio.

Willem bequeathed his painting-room to his son Frans. Neither Willem nor Frans the younger equalled Frans the elder in artistic reputation. Frans died in Leiden.



  • Rev. dr. Cox Macro (1703–15)
  • Flower (1720)
  • Old Peasant Holding a Jug (1731)
  • Old Man With the Book
  • Three Generations (1742)
  • Portrait of Pieter de la Court (1750)
  • Portrait of Andreas Weiss (1752)