František Kubka

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František Kubka
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František Kubka (1894 in Prague – 1969) was a Czechoslovak writer, journalist, diplomat and politician. He was a regular at the "Friday Men" meetings at Karel Čapek's house from 1921–1938.[1] His folk tale of the romance of Peter Vok with a miller's daughter became the basis of the most popular post-war Czech opera, Zuzana Vojířová. He was appointed ambassador to Bulgaria (1946–49).


  1. ^ Andrea Orzoff Battle for the Castle: The Myth of Czechoslovakia in Europe, 1914–1948 Stanford University. Dept. of History 2009 p89 shows cartoon of Kubka among Adolf Hoffmeister's cartoon of the Friday Men. p90 "Other journalistic members included Prager Presse chief editor Arne Laurin and reporter František Kubka; Josef Kodícek, Tribuna drama critic and theater director; and friendly reporters from hostile papers, such as Národní listy's Karel ..."