František Kašický

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František Kašický

František Kašický (born 18 November 1968 in Gelnica, Czechoslovakia) was defence minister of Slovakia from 4 July 2006 to 25 January 2008.

He is a former chief of Office of the Minister of Defence, Director of Communication Department and the ministry spokesman. Since 2003 till 2004, Kašický was a director of Military Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence.

After it was found that the Slovak ministry of defence had accepted overpriced contracts for various services, such as cleaning, Kašický resigned on 25 January 2008.[1]

František Kašický is a graduate of the Military Pedagogical University in Bratislava and the German Federal army Academy for Information and Communication in Strausberg.

Further Education:

  • Defence Language Institute, Texas, U.S.
  • Defence Information School, Maryland, USA
  • Scholarship for Spokespersons of Central Governmental Agencies, USA
  • Bundeswehr - Internal command centre, Germany
  • Special course for military spokespersons, Switzerland
  • CIA - Special intelligence course – Operations Management Seminar, USA/Slovakia

František Kašický speaks Slovak, Czech, English and Russian.


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