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Aenne & Franz Burda (1931)
Franz Burda (left) with Romy Schneider, Willy Brandt and Ilona Grübel (1971)

Franz Burda (* 24 February 1903 in Philippsburg; died 30 September 1986 in Offenburg) was a German publisher and a founder of Hubert Burda Media.

Life and Work[edit]

Burda received his doctorate in 1927, at the University of Erlangen with an economic history of the development work of the Baden-products markets. He married Aenne Lemminger on July 9, 1931 and was the father of three sons, Francis, Frederick and Hubert.

Burda joined the Nazi Party in the mid-1930s,[1] he was involved but not politically. After 1945, Burda was allowed rather quickly to publish again, despite his former Nazi party membership. For the French occupation authorities, he printed stamps and school books. In 1948, against the will of many French officers, he managed to bring on the market the magazine Das Ufer ('The shore' or 'The river bank'), the forerunner of the popular magazine later called Bunte. It helped him that he was friends with a particular officer, Raymond Schmittlein, the press chief of the zone, who arranged for the license to be issued in the name of a female friend of Schmittlein's – a 'straw woman,' as it were.[1]

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