Franz Joseph and Saint Anne Cliffs

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The Franz Joseph and Saint Anne Cliffs are located near Sinaia, Prahova Valley, Romania.

The Prahova valley seen from the Franz Joseph Cliff

Franz Joseph Cliffs are located near the Sheepfold Meadow (fonner Royal Hunting Hut). They have been fitted out during Royal Family's time, with stairs and railings, and, reaching up on top of them. one can see a large part of the upper Prahova River Valley. The cliffs can be reached following a short path from the Sheepfold Meadow.[1]

Saint Anne Cliff At its base there is a small clearing. The rock wall had once icons on it, whose traces can still be seen today. The small grotto that exists there was once a shelter for a hermit. The cliff is located at the crossroads between the road that goes at Cota 1400 and the road that goes to Sheepfold Meadow.