Franz Xaver von Gietl

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Franz Xaver von Gietl
Franz Xaver von Gietl - Arzt.jpg
Franz Xaver von Gietl
Born 27 August 1803
Höchstädt an der Donau
Died 19 March 1888(1888-03-19) (aged 84)
Education University of Munich
Medical career
Profession physician
Institutions personal physician to Maximilian II of Bavaria, University of Munich, Municipal Clinic of Munich (Klinikum links der Isar)
Research fevers, esp.Cholera and Typhoid fever

Franz Xaver Ritter von Gietl (27 August 1803 – 19 March 1888) was a German physician.


Gietl studied medicine at the universities of Landshut, Würzburg and Munich. In 1827 he received his doctorate form the University of Munich with a pathological work on neuro ganglia.

1831 he was sent by the government to examine the cholera in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. In 1834 he was appointed to the post of the personal physician to the then crown prince and later king Maximilian II of Bavaria. In addition in 1838 he became Professor at the University of Munich and from 1842 to 1851 Director of the Municipal Clinic of Munich (Klinikum links der Isar). With the end of the winter semester 1885/1886 he retired as lecturer because of his advancing heart disease.

Gietls work foceussed on Cholera and Typhoid fever esp. clinical observations and their treatment. In addition he published on Erysipelas and statistical observations at the Municipal Clinic.

On the occasion of his 80th birthday in 1883 he became the 11th Honorary Citizen of Munich (comp.List of honorary citizens of Munich).