Frauen SHV-Cup

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The Frauen SHV-Cup is an annual single-elimination tournament for Swiss women's handball clubs organized by the Swiss Handball Federation (SHV). It was created in 2000.

LC Brühl is the most successful team in the competition with eight titles, followed by Spono Nottwil with three and TSV Saint Othmar with two.[1]


Season Champion Score Runner-up
2000 TSV Saint Othmar 27–25 Spono Nottwil
2001 Spono Nottwil 35–26 TSV Saint Othmar
2002 LC Brühl 27–23 TSV Saint Othmar
2003 LC Brühl 31–15 LK Zug
2004 LC Brühl 26–21 LK Zug
2005 Amicitia Zürich 31–30 LK Zug
2006 LC Brühl 24–21 Spono Nottwil
2007 TSV Saint Othmar 24–23 LK Zug
2008 LC Brühl 31–23 TSV Saint Othmar
2009 LC Brühl 35–16 TSV Saint Othmar
2010 LC Brühl 29–16 Basel Regio
2011 Spono Nottwil 25–24 LC Brühl
2012 LC Brühl 30–24 Yellow Winterthur
2013 Spono Nottwil 23–21 Basel Regio


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