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This article is about the BBC television programme. For the U.S. version on TLC, see Freaky Eaters (TLC series).
Freaky Eaters
Created by betty tv
Narrated by Jill Halfpenny (series 1)
Sharon Horgan (series 2)
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 23
Running time 60 mins
Original network BBC Three
Original release 2007-2009
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Freaky Eaters is an observational British documentary series produced by independent television production company betty for BBC Three from 2007 to 2009. Series 1 was narrated by the actress Jill Halfpenny and series 2 by Sharon Horgan. In Australia it is shown on ABC2 and titled Eataholics.


The series follows a different person each episode who has an eating disorder such as a selective eating disorder (an extremely restricted diet, often to the point of avoiding entire food groups), or food neophobia. With the help of a team of experts, a number of techniques are employed to help the person overcome their problems and develop more healthy diets.

The first series was presented by nutritionist Natalie Savona and psychological coach Benjamin Fry. For the second series, psychologist Dr. Stephen Briers took over from Benjamin Fry. In series 3, Charlotte Watts takes over as nutritionist and Felix Economakis as the psychological coach. Dr. Pixie McKenna is the doctor across all three series.


Series 1[edit]

  1. Addicted to Crisps
  2. Addicted to Chips
  3. Addicted to Cheese
  4. Addicted to Spaghetti hoops
  5. Addicted to Chocolate
  6. Addicted to Chicken
  7. Addicted to Junk Food

Series 2[edit]

  1. Addicted to Sausages
  2. Addicted to Junk Food (radio presenter Chris Hawkins)
  3. Addicted to Meat
  4. Addicted to Bread
  5. Addicted to Meat and Potatoes
  6. Addicted to Biscuits
  7. Addicted to Potatoes
  8. Addicted to Pasta
  9. Addicted to Cheese
  10. Addicted to Biscuits

Series 3[edit]

  1. Addicted to Bacon and burgers
  2. Addicted to Cheese
  3. Addicted to Beans and chips
  4. Addicted to Brown sauce
  5. Addicted to Chips
  6. Addicted to Diet cola
  7. Addicted to Yorkshire puddings
  8. Addicted to Meat


The show was cancelled by BBC in April 2010. On the Richard Bacon BBC Radio 5 Live show in December 2010, Harry Hill, who had regularly lampooned Freaky Eaters on Harry Hill's TV Burp, stated he had been told by a producer of Freaky Eaters that his coverage of the show was the reason it had been commissioned for a second and third series.[1]

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