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Frederic Curzon (4 September 1899 – 6 December 1973) was an English composer, conductor and musician.

He was born in London in 1899, and died at Bournemouth in 1973. Curzon had a life largely associated with music - besides composing, he conducted and was both a pianist and a noted organist. His early life was largely in the theatre, where he was musical director in several London West End theatres. He was the organist at Shepherds Bush Pavilion for many years and from 1939 and throughout the war conducted at Llandudno Pier.[1] In 1938, he moved to the radio. The music he wrote was mainly of the English light music genre, but he also wrote for films, radio and the theatre. Curzon worked as Head of Light Music at publishers Boosey and Hawkes.[1]

Light music[edit]

  • The Boulevardier[2]
  • Overture Chevalier
  • Overture Punchinello
  • Overture Vanguard
  • Saltarello
  • Robin Hood Suite (includes "Maid Marion"[3] and "March of the Bowmen")[4]
  • Spanish Suite In Malaga
  • Salon Suite
  • Charm of Youth Suite
  • Dance of the Ostracised Imp
  • Cascade Waltz
  • Capricante
  • Galavant
  • Simonetta
  • Bravada (Paro Doble)
  • Saltarello for piano and orchestra (published 1952)
  • Pastoral Scene (1938)[5]


  • Fanfare No. 4 [6]
  • Fanfare No. 5 "For a Merry Occasion"[6]
  • Fanfare No. 6 "Westminster"[6]


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