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Frederick Hugh Wilkinson MM (two bars), ED was the 7th Bishop of Toronto.[1]

Life and ministry[edit]

Wilkinson was born in 1896[2] into an ecclesiastical family[3] and educated at the University of Toronto. He was ordained in 1925.

He began his ordained ministry as a curate at the Church of the Ascension, Hamilton, Ontario.[4] After this he was a professor at the College of Emmanuel and St. Chad, Saskatoon and then Rector of St Stephen's Calgary . He was Sub-Dean of Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver from 1932 to 1936.[5] Further incumbencies at St James's Montreal and St Paul’s Toronto followed[6] before he became a coadjutor bishop of the Diocese of Toronto in 1953 and its diocesan bishop in 1955. He served until 1966 and died in 1980.[7]


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Religious titles
Preceded by
Alton Ray Beverley
Bishop of Toronto
1955 – 1966
Succeeded by
George Boyd Snell