Freedom. A Plea

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Freedom. A Plea
Freedom A Plea.jpg
Author Joachim Gauck
Original title Freiheit. Ein Plädoyer
Language German
Publisher Kösel
Publication date
Pages 64
ISBN 978-3-466-37032-0

Freedom. A Plea (German: Freiheit. Ein Plädoyer) is a book by Joachim Gauck, the President of Germany, released on 20 February 2012, the day after his nomination.[1][2] In the book, consisting of 64 pages, Gauck describes his thoughts on freedom, democracy, human rights and tolerance. The book calls for the defense of freedom and human rights around the globe, particularly in "communist, fanatical islamist or despotic states."[3] He also defends market economy.[4]

The book has been referred to as his political program, and as echoing the peaceful revolution of 1989.[5]



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