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Developer(s) Emmanuel Turquin, Stéphane Grabli
Stable release
2.2.0 / 2008-03-05
Written in C++
Operating system Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows
Type Renderer
License GNU General Public License

Freestyle is a free, open source renderer for non-photorealistic line drawing from 3D scenes.

The program uses a shader script model inspired by the RenderMan Shading Language, allowing different shading styles to be written as a script that's interpreted at the render time. The different rendering styles are based on "style modules" that are written in Python programming language.[1]

The stand-alone program, which uses OpenGL and the Qt widget toolkit, can render images based on .3ds files. The stand-alone version of Freestyle is not under active development any more, since 2008.

Freestyle is integrated with Blender as of version 2.67.[2] The Freestyle version integrated with Blender is under active development.[3]

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