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For transport they used an old autobus. From left to right Kees Spierings (rhythmguitar), Jaap Dekker (drums), George Legierse (lead singer), Gert Kuiter (bass guitar), Hans van Hamersveld (leadguitar)

Freeway is a Dutch rock group from Amersfoort, founded by Wim Bos (bass player) and Dick Visser (drums) in 1967. Their rock & roll-like style of music is broadly comparable to the Rolling Stones. The founding musicians were:

  • Dick Visser - drums and lead singer
  • Wim Bos - bass guitar
  • Elly van Zoelen - singer
  • Roy van Driessen - rhythm guitar
  • Gijs Westerning - lead guitar

By adding a new lead singer George Legierse and replacement of both guitarists Gijs and Roy by Hans van Hamersveld the band was becoming better known outside the region of Utrecht.


During their early years the band played abroad, typically for the British Forces in Germany. They played lots of English songs, like the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and Them.

Once the singer asked a fellow if the English pronunciation of the songs was right. The chap had no problem with that. Over the years, many changes in the band's lineup has occurred, but Legierse and Van Hamersveld have been at the core of the band.

At the celebrationparty of George becoming 50 years old Hans had arranged a drummer, which George didn't recognise until he spoke some words. As a surprise it was actually the first drumsplayer Dick Visser himself!

In 2006 Susan Langeveld joined the band for a short time. That was a chance to add some different style music. Jimi Hendrix, Joe Walsh and Susan Tedeschi songs were added.

The band collapsed in September 2006, which caused George to be left alone as only member of this band. In September 2007 George did gather the two guitarplayers from the band SHOCKPROOF (coverband), together with Ronnie Defilé (played about 15 years ago in Freeway). His Dad, Joop Defilé, once replaced Hans van Hamersveld, when he broke his hip. Theo, who had also left for almost a year, returned again and after 5 rehearsels the band had the courage to do a tryout on November 17th. This was also the celebration of the 40 years that the band exists. More than 30 people visited this reunion, among them some former musicians of the band. Pike, one of the 3 brothers of George, was invited to join on stage to sing some lyrics.

During this celebration the momentarely musicians where:

  • George Legierse - lead singer
  • Jos van den Hoven - guitar, sax, bluesharp
  • Willem van Doezelaar - guitar
  • Theo van Marsbergen - bass guitar (left band for 12 months but returned)
  • Ronnie Defilé - drums

On June 18 2010 Band Lifepak (with singer Paik Legierse) played together with Freeway in Café De Noot in Hoogland, where international artists regularly do their performances. See

George, who had some voiceproblems, recovered and the more he sang, the better his voice sounded. Both George and Hans have retired from working, but Theo and Marcel have still daily jobs beside the band.

After 49 years (going for the 50) at this moment on stage (2016 at Kingsday 27 April):

  • George Legierse - lead singer
  • Hans van Hamersveld - guitar
  • Theo van Marsbergen - bass guitar
  • Marcel Gunsing - drums