Fremantle Police Station complex

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Fremantle Police Station complex
WTFr Nov 2011 gnangarra-50.jpg
Henderson Street frontage of part of the group.
Former names Fremantle Court House
General information
Address 45 Henderson Street
Town or city Fremantle, Western Australia
Country Australia
Coordinates 32°03′17″S 115°45′01″E / 32.0548°S 115.7502°E / -32.0548; 115.7502Coordinates: 32°03′17″S 115°45′01″E / 32.0548°S 115.7502°E / -32.0548; 115.7502

The Fremantle Police Station complex (incorporating the 1899 limestone former courthouse) is a group of buildings located at 45 Henderson Street, Fremantle, Western Australia.[1] The complex includes the former courthouse, police station, various accommodation buildings, artillery drill hall (now the Fly by Night Club[2]) and lock-up. The group was originally constructed between 1896 and 1903. Later elements of lesser significance include the 1957 and 1978 extensions to the courthouse, the lock-up keeper's house, Norfolk Island pines and Canary Island date palms.[3]

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