French frigate Vénus (1780)

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French Navy EnsignFrance
Name: Vénus
Namesake: Venus
Builder: St. Malo
Launched: 1780
Fate: Ran aground, 5 August 1781
General characteristics
Type: Frigate
Armament: 32 guns
Gun of the Vénus, on display in Concarneau

The Vénus was a 32-gun frigate of the French Navy.

She was launched in Saint-Malo in 1780. Her main duties were escorting convoys between Île de Ré, Nantes and Brest. In this capacity, she captured a British privateer on 16 June.

She was wrecked on 5 August 1781 near Glénan Islands, off Concarneau, when she ran aground due to a navigation error of the pilot. The crew was saved, but in spite of efforts to refloat her, she became a total loss.

Her guns were found in 1978, and are now on display in Concarneau.

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