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Four ships of the French Navy have borne the name Mistral after the wind mistral. A auxiliary ships have also borne the name.

French ship named Mistral[edit]

Ships of the French Navy named Mistral
Portrait of Mistral (1901) by Marius Bar 
Mistral (1923) as HMS Mistral, before being handed over to the Free French Forces 
Mistral (L9013) in Toulon harbour 

Others ships[edit]

  • Liane (DF 50), a service boat.[1]
  • A fishing ship, the Henri Cameleyre (1908) was requisitioned as a minesweeper during the Second World War. She was restituted in 1941 and renamed Mistral.[1]
  • An auxiliary patrol boat of the Second World War also bore the name of Mistral II.[1]

Notes and References[edit]



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