French ship Soleil-Royal (1749)

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The Soleil Royal (right) battling the Royal George during the battle of Quiberon Bay.
Nicholas Pocock, 1812. National Maritime Museum
French Navy EnsignFrance
Namesake: "Royal Sun"
Builder: Brest
Laid down: March 1748
Launched: 30 June 1749
Commissioned: April 1750
Homeport: Brest
Fate: Scuttled on 21 November 1759
General characteristics
Displacement: 3800 tonnes
Length: 59.2 m (194 ft)
Beam: 15.6 m (51 ft)
Draught: 7.6 m (25 ft)
Propulsion: Sails
Complement: 1000 men, 14 officers

The Soleil-Royal was a ship in the French Navy, the third ship of that name. She was the first 80-gun two-decker to use the 24-pounder long gun on her second battery, giving her a considerable firepower for the time and allowing her to challenge three-deckers. Her name Soleil-Royal, honouring the French crown and usually reserved for the largest units of the Navy, testifies of the change of focus from large three-deckers onto strong two-deckers.[1]

She was Brienne's flagship at the battle of Quiberon Bay, where she ran aground and was burnt to prevent her capture. Her cannons were recovered by the Royal Navy and transported to Plymouth for reuse in British vessels.[2]

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