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Fresh Breeze
Private company
Productsparamotors and powered parachutes

Fresh Breeze GmbH & Co Kg is a German aircraft manufacturer based in Wedemark. The company specializes in the design and manufacturer of paramotors and powered parachutes.[1][2][3]

Reviewers Noel Bertrand, et al., described the company as "one of the world’s main paramotor manufacturers."[2]


Fresh Breeze Simonini
Summary of aircraft built by Fresh Breeze
Model name First flight Number built Type
Airbass mid-2000s paramotor
Monster paramotor
Paratour Twin paramotor
Respect mid-2000s paramotor
Simonini paramotor
Snap paramotor
Solo paramotor
Super ThoriX paramotor
ThoriX paramotor
Twin paramotor
BulliX powered parachute
Flyke powered parachute and
roadable pedal-powered tricycle
Skip One powered parachute
Xcitor powered parachute


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