Fresh Maggots

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Fresh Maggots
Origin Nuneaton, England
Genres Folk Music, Psychedelia
Years active 1971
Labels RCA Victor, Sunbeam (UK), Amber Soundroom (Germany)
Past members Mick Burgoyne, Leigh Dolphin

Fresh Maggots were a short-lived folk duo from Nuneaton, Warwickshire in England. It comprised Mick Burgoyne and Leigh Dolphin, playing a variety of instruments including guitars, glockenspiel, tin whistles and strings.

The pair signed to Sparta Florida and released their only album through RCA Victor, eponymously titled, in 1971 - when they were nineteen years of age. Although its release was preceded by some degree of anticipation, delays in publishing gradually saw interest wane. Upon its release, it was met with amicable reviews, however record sales did not reflect this, and pressing was de-commissioned soon after.

The resurgent popularity of folk music over the last decade reawakened interest in the band and Fresh Maggots was released on CD in 2006, under the Sunbeam label in the UK and Amber Soundroom in Germany, gaining a modest reputation in folk music circles and through internet radio.