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OriginStourbridge, England
GenresPower pop
Years active1990-1999
MembersWill Copley (vocals/guitar)
Clive Powell (guitar/vocals)
Dave Allsopp (bass)
Matt Carey (drums)

Fretblanket are an English power pop band from Stourbridge, England.

Fretblanket have had more success in the United States than in their native Britain, which the band put down to the attitude of the British music press.[1] The band has been described as "one of the first British groups to reflect the worldwide influence of Nirvana's Nevermind",[2] although Ride, The Wedding Present, and Swervedriver have also been identified as influences.[3] The band signed to Polygram in 1993 and released their first album, Junkfuel, a year later. Fretblanket had a fairly successful hit in 1997 with the song "Into the Ocean". The video for that song had a short life in regular rotation on MTV the same year, and at the time was the highest-rated video ever on MTV's 12 Angry Viewers.[4] The same year saw the release of a second album, Home Truths From Abroad.



  • "Better Than Swimming"
  • "Curtainsville"
  • Twisted EP
  • "Song In B"
  • "Into The Ocean" (1997)


  • Junkfuel (1994, Polygram)
  • Home Truths From Abroad (1997, Polygram)


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