Friant-Kern Canal

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Friant-Kern Canal east of Visalia near Badger and Rocky Hill

The Friant-Kern Canal is a 152 mi (245 km) Central Valley Project aqueduct managed by the United States Bureau of Reclamation in Central California to convey water to augment irrigation capacity in Fresno, Tulare, and Kern counties.

The Friant-Kern Canal begins at Millerton Lake, a reservoir on the San Joaquin River north of Fresno, and flows south along the eastern edge of the San Joaquin Valley, ending at the Kern River near Bakersfield.

The Friant-Kern Canal capacity is of 5,000 cu ft/s (140 m3/s), gradually decreasing to 2,000 cu ft/s (57 m3/s) at its terminus. It was completed in 1951.


Coordinates: 36°20′56″N 119°06′11″W / 36.348839°N 119.103162°W / 36.348839; -119.103162