Fridthjof Film

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Fridthjof Film
Industry Motion Picture
Founded 2000
Headquarters Copenhagen, Denmark
Key people
Ronnie Fridthjof
Products Film

Fridthjof Film is a Danish film production company founded by Ronnie Fridthjof in 2000.


The company was founded by Ronnie Fridthjof in 2000. Its first productions were documentaries. Since 2008, it has also produced feature films.[1]

Notable productions[edit]

The company is internationally most notable for the award-winning documentary Armadillo. Its feature films have all been comedies featuring prominent Danish stand-up comedians among the cast members. The company has also produced the television series A-klassen, which was nominated for a Robert Award for best television series in 2013.[2]


Feature films[edit]

  • Blå mænd (2008)
  • Julefrokosten (2009)
  • Alle for én (2011)
  • Alle for to (2013)
  • Kolbøttefabrikken (2014)

Documentary films[edit]


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