Friedrichswalde (Königsberg)

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Friedrichswalde was a suburban estate and then quarter of western Königsberg, Germany. Its territory is now part of the Tsentralny District of Kaliningrad, Russia.


Friedrichswalde developed from a Jagdschloss, a hunting lodge built in the 1690s after a visit by Frederick III in 1690.[1] Other lodges commissioned by Frederick at the same time were Friedrichshof and Friedrichsberg. It later came into the possession of the Charisius family;[2] their tomb was decorated by Stanislaus Cauer. The estate was incorporated into the city of Königsberg on 16 June 1927.[3]

Friedrichswalde was bordered by Juditten to the southwest, Lawsken to the south, Ratshof to the southeast, and Amalienau to the east.


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