Friends of Herculaneum Society

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Friends of Herculaneum Society
Herculaneum Pig.jpg
Mascot of the Society
This famous piglet is among the bronzes discovered at the Villa of the Papyri in Herculaneum
Formation 2004
Headquarters Oxford, United Kingdom
Daniel Delattre, Robert Fowler, Richard Janko, Dirk Obbink, Nigel Wilson
The Society's visit to the Sorbonne, Paris in 2009. This shows a sheet containing the assembled fragments from a burnt scroll found at the Villa of the Papyri and now in Paris.

The Friends of Herculaneum Society is an Oxford-based British charity founded in 2004 to promote research into the archaeological site of Herculaneum at Ercolano, near Naples, Italy. Its headquarters are in the Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies.[1]

Role and Interests[edit]

The Society's members are particularly interested in the Villa of the Papyri and in the possibility of finding a hitherto unknown library or libraries in the unexcavated lower levels of that structure. More than 1800 Herculaneum papyri were discovered in Herculaneum in the 18th century, and it is hoped that many more may yet be discovered, including a Latin library containing hitherto lost classics.

Members of the Society come from all walks of life. Its membership is not exclusive to scholars as it includes all those interested in Herculaneum, the Villa of the Papyri and Ancient Rome in general.


  • The Society's newsletter "Herculaneum Archaeology" is published once or twice yearly and is available to all members.
  • The Society publishes a series called Sozomena: Studies in the Recovery of Ancient Texts. This is published on behalf of the Society by the distinguished publishing house Walter de Gruyter. The series editors are Alessandro Barchiesi, Robert Fowler, Dirk Obbink and Nigel Wilson.[3]


Professor Daniel Delattre (CNRS, Paris), Prof. Robert Fowler (University of Bristol), Prof. Richard Janko (University of Michigan), Dr. Dirk Obbink (University of Oxford), Mr. Nigel Wilson (University of Oxford)


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