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Frink may refer to:


  • Albert Frink, American businessman and politician
  • Bill Frink (1926–2005), American sportscaster
  • Charles L. Frink (1849–1937), Massachusetts mayor and law enforcement officer
  • Charles N. Frink (fl. 1860–1896), Wisconsin insurance executive and Populist legislator
  • Elisabeth Frink (1930–1993), English sculptor and printmaker
  • Fred Frink (1911–1995), American baseball player
  • Helmut Frink (1919–1943), German World War II officer
  • John Frink (born 1964), American writer and TV producer
  • John M. Frink (1855–1914), Washington State politician and businessperson
  • Orrin Frink (1901–1988), American mathematician who introduced Frink ideals
  • Pat Frink (1945–2012), American basketball player
  • Stephen Frink (born 1978), American underwater photographer


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  • Frink ideal, in mathematics, a certain kind of subset of a partially ordered set
  • Golden Frinks (1920-2004), African-American civil rights activist