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Fritzi Fern (September 19, 1901 – September 20, 1932) was a motion picture actress from Akron, Ohio. Her birth name was Fritzi Fern Blower. She was the daughter of Mrs. Hattie R. Blower.

Movie actress[edit]

Fern was raised and educated in Los Angeles, California. She was a child actress with the Morosco Company and made films for the Greyhound Motion Picture Company as a youth. For a time she was a stage dancer in California.

She was rediscovered at the age of nineteen. Fern signed a long-term contract with Universal Pictures in October 1928. Universal scouts noticed her while she was playing a part in Clear The Decks with Reginald Denny. It was speculated that she would have roles in The Collegians (1926) and Broadway (1929), but she did not.[citation needed]

Fern was cast in The Charlatan (1929) with Margaret Livingston and Dorothy Gould. Later she performed in episode six of the movie serial western, The Last Frontier (1932). The twelve chapter screen production featured Lon Chaney, Jr. and Dorothy Gulliver.

Fritzi Fern died in Los Angeles, California in 1932. She was survived by her mother and a brother, Evan Burkhardt. Her burial was carried out by Pierce Brothers.


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