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From Here to Infinity
Author Ian Stewart
Language English
Genre Popular science
Publisher Oxford Paperbacks
Publication date
Pages 310
ISBN 0-19-283202-6
OCLC 32699983

From Here to Infinity: A Guide to Today's Mathematics, a 1996 book by mathematician and science popularizer Ian Stewart, is a guide to modern mathematics for the general reader. It aims to answer questions such as "What is mathematics?", "What is it for " and "What are mathematicians doing nowadays?". Author Simon Singh describes it as "An interesting and accessible account of current mathematical topics".[1]


After an introductory chapter The Nature of Mathematics, Stewart devotes each of the following 18 chapters to an exposition of a particular problem that has given rise to new mathematics or an area of research in modern mathematics.


  • 1st edition (1987): published under the title The Problems of Mathematics
  • 2nd edition (1992)
  • retitled/revised edition (1996)


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