From Here to Infinity (book)

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From Here to Infinity
Author Ian Stewart
Language English
Genre Popular science
Publisher Oxford Paperbacks
Publication date
Pages 310
ISBN 0-19-283202-6
OCLC 32699983

From Here to Infinity: A Guide to Today's Mathematics, a 1996 book by mathematician and science popularizer Ian Stewart, is a guide to modern mathematics for the general reader. It aims to answer questions such as "What is mathematics?", "What is it for " and "What are mathematicians doing nowadays?". Author Simon Singh describes it as "An interesting and accessible account of current mathematical topics".[1] The first edition, written in 1987, was published under the title The Problems of Mathematics.


After an introductory chapter The Nature of Mathematics, Stewart devotes each of the following 18 chapters to an exposition of a particular problem that has given rise to new mathematics or an area of research in modern mathematics.


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