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TypeSoft drink
ManufacturerFoodCare Poland
Country of originPoland
Related productsGellwe
Black Energy

Frugo is a brand of fruit drinks, developed by Alima Gerber and Damian G, now owned by FoodCare Poland. Frugo became famous with the original commercials. Until today the brand is known for the slogan "Let's Frugo".


Frugo appeared in Poland in 1996. Six years later, its producer (Alima-Gerber) sold the brand to Krynica Zdrój. Krynica Zdrój later went bankrupt and ceased production of the drink. In late 2009, the brand bought from the receiver Frugo Aflofarm company that originally wanted to enter Frugo again, but only went on sale in Coffeeheaven cafe. Eventually, in March 2011, it sold off. The buyer is firm FoodCare Poland. The drink has been available since July 2011, in four colors, and later introduced another manufacturer. There were also jellies Gellwe "Sweet Mug" flavour Frugo. In November 2011, the Frugo Company launched the 750 ml bottle and 300 ml Frugo, and in May 2012 edition of Bitsa maniac in bottles of 500 ml. The company also produces branded ice cream Frugo. The development of the brand plans to introduce another flavour. At the end of August 2012 to hit stores four flavours of jellies Frugo green, black, red and orange.[1]


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