Fruity Frank

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Fruity Frank
Fruity frank uk.jpg
Publisher(s) Kuma Computers
Programmer(s) Steve Wallis
Artist(s) Sean Wallis
Platform(s) Amstrad CPC, MSX
  • EU: 1984
Mode(s) Single-player

Fruity Frank is a 1984 computer game for the Amstrad CPC and MSX home computers. Produced by Kuma Software and authored by Steve Wallis with graphics by his brother Sean Wallis. The gameplay is very similar to Mr. Do!, though the story involves Frank protecting a garden from invading monsters.

The player has to collect the fruits lying around the garden while avoiding touching the monsters. Apples can be pushed on these to kill them and offer temporary respite. Monsters can also be killed by throwing a bouncing apple pip at them. When all pieces of fruit have been collected the player proceeds to the next level. Each level is identifiable by a different colour background and a new jocular tune.


Music in the game is inspired from traditional English songs and rhymes.


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