Frying Pan Shoals

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Frying Pan lightship and light tower

The Frying Pan Shoals are a long, shifting area of shoals off Cape Fear in North Carolina, United States. The shoals have been a hazard to ships in the area since the beginning of European exploration of the area; the area is littered with shipwrecks. The southern edge of the shoals has been marked by a lightship, a light tower and a buoy.

The shoals are known for the high number of shipwrecks found in the region, and have been nicknamed the "Graveyard of the Atlantic".[1] From May 1994 to August 2008, over 130 new shipwreck locations have been discovered in the area encompassing Frying Pan Shoals.

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Coordinates: 33°48′04″N 77°56′49″W / 33.80111°N 77.94694°W / 33.80111; -77.94694