Fudge 44

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Fudge 44
The Puppets from 'Fudge 44'.jpg
The Puppets from Fudge 44, Helmut Kollars illustration
Directed by Graham Jones
Produced by José Naghmar
Written by Graham Jones
Garret Sexton
Starring Terauchi Aritomo
Hatoyama Ichiro
Ito Keigo
Miki Kiyotaka
Sakichi Masatake
Yudia Masatake
Ohira Masayoshi
Yonai Mitsumasa
Yutaka Takashi
Kuroda Takeo
Katsura Taro
Yamagata Toyoda
Toshiki Uchimura
Toyoda Uchimura
Cinematography John G Maarse
Edited by Joe Sharngam
Distributed by Marc's Floor
Release date
  • 2005 (2005)
Running time
71 minutes
Country Ireland
Language Japanese with false English translation

Fudge 44 is a 2005 film from Irish director Graham Jones. It is a mockumentary about six puppets in an insolvent Tokyo children's puppet theatre who locals believe came to life and robbed a nearby bank to avoid being put out of business.[1]

The Irish premiere took place on June 24, 2006 at the 7th International Darklight Festival,[2][3] the Canadian premiere at RHIFF in Toronto on June 20 where it won an experimental award and the World Premiere at The Delray Beach Film Festival in Florida on March 10.[4][5] The film was also winner of the 2007 Most Original Film Award at The Backseat Film Festival in Philadelphia and nominated for a 2006 Irish Digital Media Award.


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