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America's 10 Most Wanted

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America's 10 Most Wanted
Developer(s)Black Ops Entertainment
Platform(s)PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows
  • NA: 18 November 2003
  • EU: 6 August 2004
Genre(s)First-person shooter
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

America's 10 Most Wanted, released as Fugitive Hunter: War on Terror in the US,[1] is a first-person shooter game for the PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Windows platforms. Developed by Black Ops Entertainment and released in 2004, it was mainly received negatively due to its dated graphics and uninspired boss battles.


The game places the player into the role of Jake Seaver, a CIFR agent. Travelling to locations such as Pakistan, Utah, the Caribbean, Paris, and Miami, the game finishes in Afghanistan, where the player must capture Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. The game contains 11 levels, one for each fugitive respectively, as well as a preceding introductory level.


Preliminary development on the game dated back to the late 1990s.[2][3]

In the United States, Infogrames was originally going to publish the title through their Atari label in June 2003, but the company dropped the release and was instead picked up by Encore Software in October 2003.[4]


The game is a first-person shooter, featuring arcade-style fights as a means of capturing fugitives.

The European and US versions differentiate slightly in level music and terrorist names with Saddam Hussein only being present in the European version. The European manual shows Mullah Omar as one of the terrorists despite being absent in both versions.


It contains tracks and cameos by members of So Solid Crew.[5]


The game was generally received poorly, due to dated graphics and sub-standard gameplay. For example, Scott Rhodie of CNET Australia stated that "the sound is pathetic, the gameplay terrible, the graphics an embarrassment for a modern game and the premise simply shocking".[7]


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