Full Blown (Phantom Blue album)

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Full Blown
EP by Phantom Blue
Released 1998[1]
Genre Heavy metal
Length 19:53
Label DRZ Records
Phantom Blue chronology
Caught Live!
(1997)Caught Live!1997
Full Blown

Full Blown is an EP release by US all-female heavy metal band Phantom Blue.[2] Following the release of the live album Caught Live!, lead vocalist Gigi Hangach departed from the band, leaving drummer Linda McDonald as the sole founding member.

Shortly after the EP's release, the members of Phantom Blue went their separate ways. Lead vocalist Lucienne Thomas became the frontwoman of the Heart tribute band Dreamboat Annie. Guitarist Tina Wood joined former band mate Dyna Shirasaki to form the all-female AC/DC tribute band ThundHerStruck. Linda McDonald and guitarist Josephine Soegijanty co-founded The Iron Maidens ("World's Only Female Tribute to Iron Maiden") with guitarist Sara Marsh (formerly of Bandit), bassist Melanie Sisneros (formerly of New Eden) and vocalist Jenny Warren (formerly of Prozact Princess).[3] McDonald, Soegijanty and Marsh also reformed Phantom Blue in 2001 with lead vocalist Jeannine St. Clair and bassist Amy Tung, but the lineup was short-lived.[4]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "I'm So Happy" – 4:20
  2. "Cookie" – 3:23
  3. "My Turn" – 4:28
  4. "Chance on You" – 3:21
  5. "Turnaround" – 4:21


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