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Féng 馮 / 冯[edit]

(wikt:馮 féng 2nd tone "gallop"), very common Chinese surname

Fèng 鳳 / 凤[edit]

(wikt:鳳 fèng 4th tone "phoenix"), relatively common Chinese family name

Fēng 風 / 风[edit]

(wikt:風 fēng 1st tone "wind"), rare Chinese surname

Fèng 奉[edit]

Fèng (奉)
Fèng surname
Language(s) Chinese

Fèng (wikt:奉 4th tone "offering") is a rare Chinese surname.[1] In Cantonese Fung, in Middle Chinese Bong. origin of;

Fēng 封[edit]

Fēng 封
Fēng surname
Language(s) Chinese

Fēng (wikt:封 1st tone) is a Chinese family name. It is No.208 in the Baijiaxing, and 257 in the modern census, called the "New Baijiaxing".[2]

There are two recorded origins for the name. The first according to the Xingyuan (《姓苑》) from a prince originally with the name Jiang. The second according to Weishu Guanshizhi 《魏书·官氏志》 the name Fu (复) was changed to Feng (封).[citation needed]

Notable people with the surname Fēng (封)[edit]

  • Feng Deyi (封德彝) (568–627), formal name Feng Lun (封倫) chancellor to the emperors of the Tang Dynasty
  • Feng Changqing (Chinese: 封常清; pinyin: Fēng Chángqīng; Wade–Giles: Feng Ch'angch'ing (died January 24, 756) a general of the Tang Dynasty.