Fung Chin Pang

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Fung Chin Pang
Born September 11, 1981
Hong Kong
Notable works
Confidential Assassination Troop

Fung Chin Pang (Chinese: 馮展鵬, born September 11, 1981) is a comic artist and illustrator from Hong Kong.

His work include the manhua series Confidential Assassination Troop, which is about the approach of World War Three and the communications war which proceeds it. It was first published by Tong Li Comics in 2003 and has been released in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Italy, France and Russia. He also done various illustrations for the novel series, Lie Sha Tian Chou Xiao Shuo (猎杀天雠).

He is the illustrator for the PC game Soul Origin from Valhalla Entertainment.

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