Funtime (The Spitfire Boys song)

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Single by The Spitfire Boys
A-side "Funtime"
B-side "Trascendental Changing"
Released 1979
Format 7" single
Recorded 1979
Genre Power pop, new wave
Label Impeccable Records
Songwriter(s) David Francis
The Spitfire Boys singles chronology
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British Refugee

Funtime was the 7" single released by The Spitfire Boys, on Impeccable Records, in 1979. That time, the band haven't got the same line-up, as they were consisted by David Littler (lead vocals, guitar), as the only remaining member of the band, and ex-Nylonz members, Peter Millman (guitar), Kurt Prasser (bass) and Chris Brazier (drums).[1]

The single contains more new wave songs than its predecessor, the punkier British Refugee.

The band was formed in Cardiff, Wales, as The White Brothers, by David Francis after dissolving The Photons, but before the release of the single, he was persuaded to rename themselves as The Spitfire Boys, for better sales.[1]

Track list[edit]

  1. "Funtime"
  2. "Transcendental Changing"


  • David Francis: lead vocals, guitar
  • Peter Millman: guitar
  • Kurt Prasser: bass
  • Chris Brazier: drums


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