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Origin United Kingdom
Genres Synthwave, Dream pop, electronic, synthpop ambient new-age
Instruments Computers, vintage synthesizers and drum machines
Years active 2007–present
Labels The Sleepover Party, Southern Fried, Kiez Beats
Website futurecop.info

Futurecop! are British electronic and synthwave artists, influenced by nostalgia and fantasy. Futurecop! consists of Manzur Iqbal and Peter Carrol.

Life and career[edit]

Early life[edit]

Growing up in Manchester, England, Iqbal developed a passion for re-creating the electronic synth melodies influenced by 80s / 90s nostalgia and fantasy. Iqbal created Futurecop! and developed the brand and music from 2005, however it was in 2007 when Futurecop! started gathering momentum, especially for concerts and record labels. This is when he recruited Carrol.

Musical career[edit]

Iqbal and Carrol met at University, where they were enrolled in the same course. Even though Manzur was an outcast and Peter was part of the popular crowd, their love of 80s/90s memorabilia brought them together and they very quickly became best friends.[1]

After graduating from university, Iqbal spent all of his time re-creating the sound of his childhood. With no previous knowledge of electronic production, he used a laptop, a MIDI keyboard and Reason. Iqbal and Carrol joined to form Futurecop!. They have said Futurecop! is a discovery for both Manzur and Peter of their existence; they just knew it was something to do with the past.[2]

Due to attention from popular blogs and support from various musicians, Futurecop! gained a significant following. Their most popular songs included "N.A.S.A.", "Tonite's Hero" and "Transformers".

In 2009, they released their debut EP The Unicorn & the Lost City of Alvograth, with Southern Fried Records.

In 2010, they released—only in Japan—a 14-track album It's Forever, Kids for record label and publisher Media Factory. This album allowed Futurecop! to experiment with their sound outside their bedrooms in professional studios, with singers and other producers that they met while touring.

In 2011, Futurecop! released their next EP The Adventures of Starpony. Their remix of The Naked & Famous' "Young Blood" was played by DJ Tiësto in his world tour.

2012 saw the release of their EP The Movie OST via Kiez Beats Records. This was an electronic instrumental soundtrack created for a made up retro fantasy movie. The album peaked at number 7 on the Beatport charts in January 2012. They then went on to release their first two singles—"Starworshipper" and "The Only Way"—in mid-2012.

Futurecop! released their second full-length album Hopes, Dreams & Alienation, in December 2013. An album influenced by angst and their favourite electro influences such as Justice. Remixes came from Lifelike, Pony Pony Run Run, Anamanaguchi, Strange Talk and Teen Daze. It received favourable reviews from blogs such as Noisey, MTV iggy, Data Transmission and Indie Shuffle.[3]

Futurecop! released their new album "Fairy Tales" 21 November 2014. Themed around their experiences growing up, "Fairy Tales" captures Futurecop!'s signature 80s uplifting synth sounds, together with 90s youth culture, creating a more ambient and lo-fi feel. They have said the album was inspired by love songs and musical genres such as shoegaze, rock ballads, 90s children movie soundtracks, dream pop, new age and college rock.


  • The Unicorn & the Lost City of Alvograth EP (2009)
  • The Remixes <3 EP (2010)
  • It's Forever, Kids (2010 - JAPAN ONLY)
  • The Adventures of Starpony EP (2011)
  • The Movie OST (2012)
  • Hopes, Dreams & Alienation (2013)
  • Fairy Tales (2014)
  • Fairy Tales: Remixed (2015)


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