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Fuyumi Ono

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Fuyumi Ono
Native name
小野 不由美
Born (1960-12-24) December 24, 1960 (age 63)
Nakatsu, Ōita, Japan
GenreFantasy, horror
Notable worksThe Twelve Kingdoms, Ghost Hunt, Shiki
SpouseYukito Ayatsuji

Fuyumi Ono (小野 不由美, Ono Fuyumi, born December 24, 1960) is a Japanese novelist best known for writing The Twelve Kingdoms (十二国記, Jūni Kokuki), which was adapted into a popular anime series. She is married to Yukito Ayatsuji, the author of the horror novel Another.[1]


Ono is married to Naoyuki Uchida (内田 直行, Uchida Naoyuki), a mystery novelist who writes under the pseudonym Yukito Ayatsuji (綾辻 行人, Ayatsuji Yukito).[1]

Her name after marriage to AYATSUJI Yukito, is UCHIDA Fuyumi, but she writes under her maiden name,[2] which is Ono Fuyumi.

Before she started work on The Twelve Kingdoms, Fuyumi Ono wrote The Demonic Child (魔性の子, Mashō no Ko), a horror novel about a boy from another world. She later worked certain events from this novel into the Twelve Kingdoms series. Short stories set in the various kingdoms include: Kasho (華胥), Toei (冬栄), Shokan (書簡), Kizan (帰山) and Jogetsu (乗月). In February, 2008, a new Twelve Kingdoms short story, "Hisho no Tori" (丕緒の鳥) was published in Shinchosha's Yomyom magazine.[3]

On March 18, 2007, according to an interview at the Anime News Network,[4] she is "currently rewriting a girls’ horror series (she) wrote long ago".

Major works[edit]

  • Akuryo Series (1989–92, 8 light novel volumes, Kodansha)
    • Ghost Hunt (also known as Nightmare Dwelling) (1994, 2 light novel volumes, Kodansha)[5] – continuation of Akuryo Series but in a different setting
  • The Twelve Kingdoms (1992–2019, 9 novels and 2 short story collections, Kodansha, later Shinchosha)
  • Shiki (1998, novel in 2 volumes)


Evil Spirit Series[edit]

  • Evil Spirit series (悪霊シリーズ - Akuryō series), Kodansha.
  • There are lots of Evil Spirits?! (悪霊がいっぱい!?) 1989. ISBN 978-4-06-190311-1
  • There are really lots of Evil Spirits! (悪霊がホントにいっぱい!), 1989. ISBN 978-4-06-190365-4
  • Too many Evil Spirits to sleep (悪霊がいっぱいで眠れない), 1990. ISBN 978-4-06-190417-0
  • A lonely Evil Spirit (悪霊はひとりぼっち) 1990. ISBN 978-4-06-190485-9
  • I Don't Want to Become an Evil Spirit! (悪霊になりたくない!), 1991. ISBN 978-4-06-190594-8
  • Don't Call me an Evil Spirit (悪霊とよばないで), 1991. ISBN 978-4-06-198575-9
  • I don't mind Evil Spirits 1 (悪霊だってヘイキ!〈上〉), 1992. ISBN 978-4-06-198696-1
  • I don't mind Evil Spirits 2 (悪霊だってヘイキ!〈下〉), 1992. ISBN 978-4-06-198697-8

Ghost Hunt Series[edit]

  • Ghost Hunt Series (ゴースト・ハントシリーズ)[5] A continuation of the Evil Spirit series, but in a different setting
  • Nightmare Dwelling 1 (悪夢の棲む家(上)), 1994, Kodansha. ISBN 978-4-06-255156-4
  • Nightmare Dwelling 2 (悪夢の棲む家(下)), 1994, Kodansha. ISBN 978-4-06-255164-9

The Twelve Kingdoms[edit]

  • The Twelve Kingdoms series (十二国記), Kodansha, unless otherwise noted
  • A Thousand Miles of Wind, the Sky of Dawn (風の万里 黎明の空), 1994. ISBN 4-06-255175-6 US Publication: 3/2010, Tokyopop ISBN 978-1-59816-949-2 as The Twelve Kingdoms: Skies of Dawn
  • "Drifting Ship" (漂舶), 1997 (short story)
  • Shore at Dusk, Sky at Dawn (黄昏の岸 暁の天), 2001. ISBN 4-06-255546-8
  • Prosperity in Winter (冬栄), originally published 4/2001 IN☆POCKET
  • Kashou (華胥), originally published 5/2001 Mephisto
  • Jougetsu (乗月)
  • Correspondence (書簡)
  • Kizan (帰山)
    • "The Birds of Hisho" (丕緒の鳥) 2/2008 (short story, published in Yomyom magazine)
  • "Rakusho no Goku" (落照の獄) 9/2009 (short story, published in Yomyom magazine)
  • The Birds of Hisho (丕緒の鳥), 2013, Shinchosha, ISBN 978-4-10-124058-9
  • Silver Ruins, Black Moon (白銀の墟 玄の月), 2019, Shinchosha
  • Demon's Child (魔性の子 Mashō no Ko), 1991, Kodansha. ISBN 4-10-124021-3. Loosely associated with The Twelve Kingdoms series

Other Novels[edit]

  • Can't Sleep on Birthday Eve (バースデー・イブは眠れない) 1988, Kodansha
  • Mephisto and Waltz! (メフィストとワルツ!) 1988, Kodansha ISBN 978-4-06-190249-7, Continuation of Can't Sleep on Birthday Eve
  • Evil Spirits Aren't Scary (悪霊なんかこわくない), 1989, Kodansha. ISBN 978-4-06-190257-2
  • Charmed 17 year old (呪われた17歳) 1990 朝日ソノラマ
  • 17 Springs Passed (過ぎる十七の春 Sugiru Jūshichi no Haru), 1995, Kodansha. ISBN 978-4-06-255201-1, an adaptation of Charmed 17 year old
  • Green Home Spirits (グリーンホームの亡霊たち) 1990年朝日ソノラマ刊
  • Home, Green Home (緑の我が家 Home、Green Home), 1997, Kodansha. ISBN 978-4062552943、an adaptation of Green Home Spirits
  • Strange Tōkei Tales (東亰異聞 - Tōkei Ibun) (runner-up for the 1993 Japan Fantasy Novel Award), 1994, Shinchosha. ISBN 978-4-10-124022-0
  • Shiki (屍鬼, literally Corpse Demon), 1998, Shinchosha. ISBN 978-4-10-397002-6
  • Island of the Black Shrine (黒祠の島), 2001, Shodensha. ISBN 978-4-396-33164-1
  • Kura no Kami (くらのかみ), 2003, Kodansha. ISBN 978-4-06-270564-6
  • Zan'e (残穢), 2012, Shinchosha. ISBN 978-4-10-397004-0

Short story collection[edit]

  • Ghost Stories Storybook (鬼談百景). Serialized since June 2000 in the magazine Yuu. published in 2012

Short story[edit]

  • London, 1888 (倫敦、1888) 10/1993 Logout


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