Fuzzy Duck (album)

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Fuzzy Duck
Fuzzy Duck (album).jpg
Studio album by Fuzzy Duck
Released 1971
Genre Progressive rock, hard rock
Label MAM
Professional ratings
Review scores
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Allmusic 4/5 stars link

Fuzzy Duck is the self-titled album by London-based progressive rock band Fuzzy Duck. When it was originally released, only 500 pressings were made, making the original vinyl LP extremely rare.

The song "Time Will Be Your Doctor" was written by Paul Francis with two of his Tucky Buzzard bandmates, Nicky Graham and David Leonard Brown. Tucky Buzzard did their own version of the song for their self-titled album.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Lead vocals Length
1. "Time Will Be Your Doctor"   Paul Francis, Nicky Graham, David Leonard Brown White 5:09
2. "Mrs. Prout"   Francis, Roy Sharland White 6:47
3. "Just Look Around You"   Mick Hawksworth Hawksworth 4:20
4. "Afternoon Out"   Francis, Sharland White 4:57
5. "More Than I Am"   Hawksworth Hawksworth 5:30
6. "Country Boy"   Francis, Sharland, Grahame White White 6:00
7. "In Our Time"   Hawksworth Hawksworth 6:39
8. "A Word From Big D"   White, Hawksworth Sharland 1:39
Bonus tracks on CD release
No. Title Writer(s) Lead vocals Length
9. "Double Time Woman"   Garth Watt Roy Watt Roy 2:58
10. "Big Brass Band"   Martin, Meskell Watt Roy 2:56
11. "One More Hour"   Watt Roy, Francis, Hawksworth, Sharland Watt Roy 3:58
12. "No Name Face"   Watt Roy, Francis, Hawksworth, Sharland Watt Roy 3:05


  • Mick Hawksworth – bass, vocals, 12-string acoustic guitar (7), electric cello (7)
  • Roy Sharland – organ, vocals (8), electric piano (3)
  • Paul Francis – drums, percussion
  • Grahame White – electric (1-8) and acoustic (2) guitars, vocals (1-8)
  • Garth Watt Roy – electric guitar (9-12), vocals (9-12)