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Communal hall of Görömböly

Görömböly is a former village, now a part of Miskolc, Hungary. It was annexed to the city in 1950. The holiday resort Miskolc-Tapolca once belonged to Görömböly.

The village was first mentioned in 1365, in a gift deed by King Sigismund who donated the area to the Balassa family and the monastery of Tapolca.

On July 24, 1849, during the revolution and freedom fight of 1848/49 the Hungarian army (led by Ernő Pöltenberg) and the Russian army (led by Tscheodayev) fought on the plain between Görömböly and Mályi.

Görömböly used to be famous for its wine until the phylloxera epidemic.

Today Görömböly is a garden town area of Miskolc, completely grown together with the adjoining district Hejőcsaba, but kept its village characteristics.

Sights to see[edit]

  • Greek Catholic church (Neo-Classical)
  • Roman Catholic church and belfry

Coordinates: 48°03′N 20°47′E / 48.050°N 20.783°E / 48.050; 20.783

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