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Gül Train (Formerly ECO Train) (Urdu: گل ٹرین ‎) is an international freight train service between Islamabad, Pakistan and Istanbul, Turkey via Tehran, Iran. The train named after Turkish President Abdullah Gül and was launched on 14 August 2009 on trial basis. It is an important project of Economic Cooperation Organization.[1]

The Gül Train connecting Islamabad, Tehran and Istanbul by covering 6,500 kilometer or 4,040 mile in 16 days. There is a break-of-gauge between Iran Railways, Standard gauge and Pakistan Railways, Broad gauge at Zahedan. A container terminal is proposed in Zahedan for transshipment of containers from Standard gauge to Broad gauge. A passenger train service is also under consideration on this route.[2]

The main obstacle in project is the poor railway infrastructure between Quetta and Taftan in Pakistan.


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