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Gérard Coste (born 24 March 1939), is a painter and diplomat, born in Marseille. A graduate of the Sciences Po (Paris), HEC Paris and the École nationale d'administration (National School of Administration), he began his diplomatic career in Laos in 1964,[1] later serving in Japan. While in Japan, he spent two years studying painting with the master Toshimitsu Imai,[2] being Imai's only Western student.[1] Coste had his first one-man exhibition in 1975 in Japan.[1] He has had several shows in France and Japan and exhibiting his works regularly in Japan, the United States, Singapore and Thailand. He is the nephew-in-law of the late painter Czech painter Otakar Kubín whom lived nearby, close to Marseille.

He pursued both careers, diplomatic and artistic together, until his retirement in 2003, the date on which he set up his painting studio in Bangkok. Coste married Naomi (a Japanese-American model he met in Japan) in 1974.[1]

Main Assignments[edit]

  • Communication Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1985-1987[3]
  • General Consul in Los Angeles 1988-1993[1][4]
  • Ambassador of France in Singapore 1993-1995
  • Ambassador of France to Thailand 1995-1999[5]
  • General Consul in San Francisco 2000-2003[6]



  • "Golden Skies" 1992. Limited Edition
  • "Windows" 1995.Limited Edition
  • "Elsewhere" 2005. Limited Edition
  • "En Dedans" 2010.
  • "Lami", a novel, 2010.
  • "Ressac", 2011.[7]
  • "Abyme", 2012.

"Ailleurs",2012. "Crypte", 2013. "Avatar",2014.


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