GEN Energija

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GEN energija, d.o.o.
Limited liability company (d.o.o.)
Industry Electricity
Founded 2001
Founder Government of Slovenia
Headquarters Ljubljana, Slovenia
Products Electric power
Owner Government of Slovenia

GEN energija, d.o.o. is a state-owned power company in Slovenia. It was established 2001 as Eles Gen, a subsidiary of Elektro-Slovenija, for holding Slovenian shares in the Krško Nuclear Power Plant. In February 2006 the company was separated from Elektro-Slovenija and it became directly owned state-owned company.

GEN Energija has invested in the Krško Nuclear Power Plant, Brestanica thermal power plant, Savske elektrarne Ljubljana and Hidroelektrarne na Spodnji Savi hydroplants, and small-scale photovoltaic power plants.


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