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Developer(s)Magnus Manske
Stable release
1.9.0 / April 7, 2006 (2006-04-07)
Operating systemMac OS X, Windows, Linux
TypeMolecular biology toolkit
LicenseFree software GPL

GENtle is a free software under GPL license.[1]


GENtle is an equivalent to the proprietary Vector NTI, a tool for molecular biologists to analyze and edit DNA sequence files. Invitrogens' removal of the free-of-cost academic licence for Vector NTI v11 has had a severe impact on many molecular biology labs that have come to rely on that tool, which led to vendor lock-in effects, which angered many molecular biologists.[citation needed] The GENtle code is developed and maintained[2] by Magnus Manske. By design, GENtle is coded to be cross-platform utilizing wxGTK.


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