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GKD Evolution
Manufacturer GKD Sports Cars
Production 2006 - on
Assembly Kent, England
Designer Peter Lathrope
Body and chassis
Class Roadster coupe
Body style 2-door convertible coupe
Layout FR (Front engine / RWD)
Platform Fabricated chassis and double wishbone suspension using BMW E36/E46 donor items
Engine Various, including:
Nissan RB, Cosworth, BMW Straight 6, Rover V8
Transmission Various
Curb weight 750 kg (1,653 lb)-850 kg (1,874 lb)
Predecessor Ginetta G27

The GKD EVOLUTION is a lightweight high-performance convertible sports car manufactured by British company GKD Sports Cars, based in Boughton Monchelsea, near Maidstone with workshops at Lenham. The EVOLUTION is available in component form, or fully built.


On 27 February 2005 GKD Sports Cars purchased the G27 chassis jigs, body moulds, patterns and drawings from Ginetta.

A number of improvements were introduced; to the front and rear aerodynamics, exterior styling, greater torsional rigidity for the chassis, reduced weight, and enhanced front suspension geometry. The cockpit was updated to give more interior space. GKD produce their own fabricated suspension uprights instead of compromising the design to take donor uprights.

The improved car - renamed the EVOLUTION - was launched in 2006.

The EVOLUTION has been upgraded to take BMW 3 Series E36/E46 donor parts since the Sierra became more difficult to source. The EVOLUTION will take any BMW 4- or 6-cylinder engine.

Parts are also available to G27 owners wanting to upgrade earlier models. These include a hard top for the first time on a G27.

Car components[edit]

The car uses a donor pack from a BMW 3 Series. The donor pack includes differential, half-shafts, brakes, prop shaft, steering column and lower steering shaft and if required, engine and gearbox. The large engine bay helps accommodate most engines, including 2.0-litre Cosworth, BMW straight six and Rover V8. The chassis comes with BMW engine mounts already welded to the chassis to ease fitment.

Basic Kits start at around £7,000 or Comprehensive Packs from £14,000 with an estimated build price from £24,000 (as of late 2011).


Fully built cars are also supplied to foreign markets, countering crash test requirements. Prices start at around £23,500, with the donor pack left to the customer to source. Or GKD can supply all the donor pack components to order.

The body shell is made from GRP fibreglass, with a bespoke chassis housing the engine and suspension.

Example cars[edit]

The Evolution can utilise most engines. The chart below indicates performance with a BMW E46 M3 with standard spec.

Performance of sample models
Trim Weight Power Transmission Estimated 0-60 mph
Road Car 820 kg (1,808 lb) 343 hp (256 kW) 6-Speed 3.2 sec
Road Car 820 kg (1,808 lb) 265 hp (198 kW) 5-Speed 3.8 sec
Road Car 780 kg (1,720 lb) 165 hp (123 kW) 5-Speed 4.3 sec
Race/track car 650 kg (1,433 lb) 200 hp (150 kW) 5-Speed 4.0 sec

Awards and press comments[edit]

The S1 Cosworth first production car was awarded car of the year 2006 from Which Kit Car magazine. This included winning 5 out of 7 categories in the competition.[citation needed]

"From the specification, the EVOLUTION comes across as an out and out performance car which, of course, it is but it's also practical".[1][citation needed]


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