Ga-Selati River

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Ga-Selati River
Name origin: Said to be named after a chief[1]
Country South Africa
State Limpopo
Source Wolkberg
 - location SE of Tzaneen
 - elevation 840 m (2,756 ft)
Mouth Olifants River (Limpopo)
 - location Near Phalaborwa
 - elevation 297 m (974 ft)
 - coordinates 24°2′20″S 31°10′20″E / 24.03889°S 31.17222°E / -24.03889; 31.17222Coordinates: 24°2′20″S 31°10′20″E / 24.03889°S 31.17222°E / -24.03889; 31.17222
Length 140 km (87 mi)
Location of the Ga-Selati River's mouth

The Ga-Selati River or Selati River (Afrikaans: Selatirivier) is a river in Limpopo, South Africa.


It rises on the rugged western slopes of the Wolkberg Mountains, part of the Drakensberg Mountain chain, about 20 km SE of Tzaneen. From its source in this high rainfall zone, the river flows roughly eastward for approximately 140 kilometres before joining the Olifants River some 7 kilometres to the south of the town of Phalaborwa.[2]

The Ga-Selati River's largest tributaries are the Ngwabitsi River and the Mulati River, both joining its right bank.[3]

In the dry season, the riverbed of the Ga-Selati is dry for most of its length. This river is heavily polluted owing to mining activity at Phalaborwa in its lower course.[4]

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