Gabès pogrom

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Gabès pogrom (1941)
LocationGabès, French Tunisia
DateMay 1941
TargetTunisian Jews
Deaths8 Jews
Non-fatal injuries
20 Jews injured

Gabès pogrom was a three-day wave of anti-Jewish violence which erupted in the Tunisian city of Gabès.[1]


The pogrom began when a mob of Arabs rushed the Jewish Quarter[2], killing 7 Jews and injuring 20.[3]

Along with the 7 Jews initially murdered, one policemen was also killed.[4]

Eyewitness Accounts[edit]

A Jew from Gabès, Tzvi Hadadd, remembered his mother rushing outside to look for his sister, only to be assaulted as she stepped out the front door. He recalled:

"An Arab knocked her down and another grabbed her and tried to cut her throat."[5]

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