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Gabriel Villa (born 1965, El Paso, Texas, USA[1][2]) is a Pilsen, Chicago-based artist and muralist. His influences have been "Family, U.S Texas/Mexico Border Culture, American Sports, 1960’s Counter Culture, 1980’s Reaganomics, Indigenous and Western Art".[3]

2009 mural censorship controversy[edit]

In May 2009, he was commissioned to paint a mural on a private property in Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood depicting three Chicago Police Department public surveillance cameras that carried the CPD logo along with other images, like a crucified Christ, a deer head and a skull. The mural was painted over completely by the Graffiti Blasters[4][5] at the behest of 11th ward Alderman James Balcer, who said about the mural "My main concern is the safety and well-being for the people in this community. We have gang violence and children getting shot, and I believed that the mural sent the wrong message.”[6] The incident sparked a local controversy over censorship, surveillance and private property.[7][8]

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